The basis of our work: creative engineering

We develop products with a holistic vision of the environment in which they are used. Each new development is the result of painstaking work and collaboration between departments, developing the packaging, the product and the formulation with a full commitment to meet the highest standards of quality.

Our way of working

Our process

Innovative concept

Projects are developed having explored all aspects of the finished product to becreated. Studies are conducted of users, quality requirements and thelegislative and commercial environments in which our product will compete, using market monitoring techniques.

Creative engineering

We have expertise in several productive and technological fields, enabling us to find creative solutions to unresolved problems. Many of these ideas have led to worldwide innovations.

Product development

Our meticulous approach to product development often goes far beyond the requirements of any legal standards. Our goal is always to achieve the most effective formulas, the highest-quality products and the most competitive prices. We use rapid prototyping tools to speed up the time it takes to launch onto the market


We monitor a wide range of both industrial and artisanal production processes to ensure the demands of the different projects are fully met. This capacity makes us competitive on projects for major distribution and premium limited-edition projects


None of this work would be worth it if our customers were not satisfied with the products that we offer, which means that quality is absolutely paramount. Creating the best products at the best prices

The basis of our development


Being up to date on regulations and restrictions to ensure a safe product.

Market trends – Consumer Insights

Understanding consumers, the market and their needs is key to ensuring successful developments.

Preventive quality

From the very first product ideation phase, ensuring maximum quality.

Leading manufacturer in air fresheners and insecticides

Preventive quality

Committed to the environment

Innovation and continual improvement

Operational excellence