Anti-Humidity Set

  • This set comes with the plastic anti-humidity device and a refill. The device consists of three pieces: A blue container for the brine produced, a white grille that is placed inside the blue container, and on which the tablet is placed, and a white cover, which is placed over the tablet and which has grilles so it can trap atmospheric humidity.
    Product designed to absorb excess humidity in the atmosphere.
    Prevents the feeling of cold and of unpleasant odours, as well as the proliferation of fungus and mould.
    Helps prevent stains on the wall, clothing ruined by damp conditions, corrosion in electronic equipment and tools, and unpleasant odours in basements and poorly ventilated areas.
    Pleasant lemon fragrance.


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How to use
  • Carefully remove the refill from the plastic bag, without damaging the tablet.
  • Place the salt tablet on the separating grille.
  • Place the top on the device and close.
  • When the tablet has been used up, dispose of it as normal waste and pour the water from the blue container down the drain.
  • Place a fresh tablet in the device.
  • The liquid must not be used to water plants.

Where is the ideal location to place it?

This product is designed to absorb excess humidity in the atmosphere and maintain an optimal level of humidity (45%). It is therefore advisable to place it in areas of your home with excessive humidity, such as storage rooms, garages, pantries, cupboards, etc. If installed in cupboards where food is stored, take special precautions to ensure that the anti-humidity device does not come into contact with any food items.

Can this product be placed in the same room where we sleep?

Yes, this product poses no risk to people’s health, including that of small children and babies. If you want to combat humidity in your bedroom, the product can be placed there without any need for concern.

How often should the refill be replaced?

It depends on the amount of humidity in the atmosphere. The higher the level of atmospheric humidity, the greater the speed of water absorption, meaning that the refill is used up more quickly. When you see that the recipient is full of water, it should be emptied and the refill replaced.

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