Multi-Purpose Oil

  • A superb lubricant to help ensure pieces move as they should and to eliminate unwanted noise.
    Anti-rust properties to protect all surfaces from rust and corrosion.
    Penetrates deeply and loosens stiff pieces such as nuts, screws, hinges, switches, etc.
    Ideal for: hinges, doors, sewing machines, garden tools, fishing rods, etc.
EAN Code
How to use
  • Shake before use.
  • Remove the cap.
  • Spray a suitable amount onto the surface you wish to lubricate. Use the nozzle tube for greater accuracy. To do this, remove the spray mechanism and replace it with the tube nozzle.
  • Replace the cap and store the product in a dry place away from any source of ignition.



What is the tube for that comes with the product?

The tube should be used when a more accurate application is necessary, or to apply the product in less accessible places.

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